The sector / Seguimiento histórico de precios del papel para reciclar

Price change from previous month in €/t
1.04.01 Ordinary corrugated paper and Board-0,10,11018,120,09,8
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UNE EN643 Grade 1.04.01 - Ordinary corrugated paper and board
Used paper and board packaging, containing a minimum of 70% of corrugated board, the rest being other paper and board products.
Registration and Publication of data:
Variation from the previous month in € / t of the average prices of quality 1.04.01, weighted according to consumption, paid by the manufacturer to its supplier (Spanish or foreign). This price list does not include transportation and the material will be considered once cleaned, classified and packed according to the UNE-EN 643: 2014 Standard.

In accordance with the AENOR EA0007 2017 specification, ASPAPEL receives the data from the paper mills and adds the variations for publication and free access in this website. ASPAPEL neither receive nor publish prices in €/tons of paper for recycling