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In compliance with Law 19/2013 on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, ASPAPEL publishes the following information actively on this website, which will be updated periodically to guarantee the transparency of its business activities.

- Information of an institutional, organisational and planning nature
- Information of legal relevance
- Financial, budgetary and statistical information
- EU Transparency Register
- CNMC Register of interest groups
- Code of Conduct for the representation of interests



ASPAPEL is a nationwide professional organisation representing companies in the Pulp and Paper sector in Spain. The Association’s member companies account for over 80% of the sector’s production.

The purpose of the association is to contribute to the competitive and sustainable development of its member companies and to promote the image of the sector, its companies and products.

To do so, it represents and defends the interests of the sector before public administrations and stakeholders, it develops sectorial strategies on priority issues for the industry and carries out activities of all kinds to improve knowledge of the sector and contribute to placing it in the best position to face competition within a global economy. It is also a meeting point for associate companies, in which initiatives are developed to improve the image of paper and the companies that produce it.

ASPAPEL maintains a close relationship with public administrations on issues concerning the forest, environment and energy, matters relating to CO2 emission rights, etc.
The association’s central offices are located in Madrid, which facilitates its interaction with central and regional administrations as well as collaboration with other business organisations. For logistical purposes, this location is equidistant from companies in the sector, distributed across the entire Spanish territory, although with a greater concentration in certain specific areas.

ASPAPEL has an operating structure that is adapted to its needs, with governing bodies, committees and specific groups for different areas, on which companies from the sector take part. These committees and groups prepare and submit proposals to the governing bodies about different activities. The team, made up of 16 professionals, is sized to provide suitable cover for priority areas of action (forestry, environment and energy, recycling, labour relations, occupational health & safety, communications ...).

The sovereign governing body is the General Assembly, formed by representatives of all associate companies. The Assembly delegates to a smaller Board of Directors, in which the various types of companies in the sector are represented in terms of products, size, etc. The board meets regularly and is responsible for the daily management of the Association. The members of the board of directors do not receive remuneration. Both the general assembly and the board of directors have a President, chosen from among the associated companies, whose fundamental task is to represent the Association and preside over the meetings of its governing bodies.

In accordance with the bye-laws and with the principle of fair representation in each governing body by representatives of associated companies, there must be no conflicts of interest between them that might hinder the proper functioning of the association.

For the fulfilment of its purposes, ASPAPEL sets out a three-year strategic plan in which the objectives and means to achieve them are defined for each subject. All decisions that entail a commitment by the organisation with certain questions and ultimately call for support for an initiative taken by other national or foreign institutions that is of interest for the fulfilment of its objectives or external position must be analysed and approved by the governing bodies.

ASPAPEL is a member of several European and Spanish organisations such as CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries), EUROGRAPH (European Association of Graphic Paper Producers), UTIPULP (European Association representing the Group of European Market Wood Pulp Users), CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations), ACOGEN (Spanish Association of Cogeneration), etc.

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At present, ASPAPEL does not have any information of legal relevance within the scope of its activities.




At present, ASPAPEL has not entered into any contract with the Administration with economic or budgetary repercussions.


Collaboration Agreement with the Department of Textile and Paper Engineering and the School of Engineering of Terrassa at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, for the promotion of a Master’s Degree in Fibre Materials Technology Engineering, specialising in Paper and Graphics. The aim is the joint undertaking of actions to promote the Master’s Degree in Fibre Materials Technology Engineering, Specialising in Paper and Graphics. This agreement has no financial disbursement associated with it.

The subsidies and public aid received by ASPAPEL in 2022 or currently in force are the following:

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.- Aid corresponding to the year 2023, granted by the General Subdirectorate of Strategy and Internationalization as aid to strengthen communication systems and telematic services in associations and federations of exporters within the framework of the Recovery Plan , Transformation and Resilience.

Amount awarded: 6,391 euros.
Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.- Aid corresponding to the year 2022, granted by the General Subdirectorate of Strategy and Internationalization as aid under a collaboration regime between the General Administration of the State and the Associations and Federations of Exporters (partial aid) to defray expenses of operation.
Amount awarded: 22,136 euros.

As far as remuneration for the people that form the governing body of ASPAPEL is concerned, in accordance with the bye-laws, they are not remunerated.

During 2022, all operations carried out by members of the management body or senior management with the Company or with group companies were related to the company’s ordinary business or performed under arm’s length conditions.

In regard to ASPAPEL’s budgets and accounts, both the 2023 Budget and the 2022 Audit Report are presented and downloadable at the bottom of this page. 



ASPAPEL is listed on the European Union’s Transparency Register under number 814014013312-48. For further information:



ASPAPEL is listed on Spain’s National Commission of Markets and Competition’s Register of Interest Groups under Category II. Business sector and associations. Professional, business and labour associations:



ASPAPEL is committed to complying with the principles and values of its Code of Conduct in all its relations with authorities, elected officials and other public employees.   

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