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As far as new products are concerned, the latest trends in the paper industry are developed on the basis of six main lines of innovative action: the use of cellulose fibre from new natural sources, bio-composites, printed electronics and nanotechnology, new packaging concepts, and new products with superpowers for everyday life.

There is a wide range of innovative paper and board products, like pipe-cleaning toilet paper, cement bags that vanish by dissolving into the concrete or mortar, cellulose from milk or cocoa, hi-tech cellulose bio-composites for cars, or paperboard packaging that cools white wine, among many other samples of paper innovation “made in the EU”. The AGE OF FIBRE has begun: there are no limits for pulp and paper in this new post-oil era. The bio-economy is already a reality.

Cellulose fibres from new natural sources

Cellulose fibres abound in nature and can be obtained from many different renewable sources. In addition to cellulose from wood, the paper industry is currently also using fibre from milk, pastures, leather or cocoa shells.

ellulose fibre bio-composites for the post-oil era

The post-oil era has arrived: there is no limit to the potential uses of cellulose fibre from wood. Paper is the perfect, natural and renewable substitute for oil-based materials, such as cellulose fibre bio-composites, hi-tech products moulded, extruded or assembled from components that are lighter and come from a renewable source such as wood.

Printed electronics and nanotechnology

Today, both the market and consumers demand more than just products: they want solutions. In the field of printed electronics and nanotechnology, the European paper industry is already developing innovative solutions: complete electronic circuits or RFIB labels printed on paper, nanocellulose insulators...

Innovative packaging

Packaging plays has an increasingly important role in consumers’ decisions to purchase and can incorporate increasingly sophisticated communication functions and protection. With innovative designs and connectivity solutions, paper and board packaging is a sustainable response to new market demands - electronic goods packaging with protective flaps, moisture-proof packaging, cardboard pallets, multi-purpose boxes for online shopping, new solutions for bottles and cans, or the cement sack that disappears - these are just a few examples.

Renewable paper products with super powers for everyday life

To make our lives easier and more comfortable, the paper industry develops renewable, recyclable and bio-degradable products with unique and innovative features, like pipe-cleaning toilet paper, a container that cools white wine, paperboard with a layer of odour-absorbing activated carbon, or which protects against the migration of unwanted substances ...
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