Paper / What it is


Paper is a natural, renewable and recyclable product. It is natural because the wood – the raw material with which paper is made - comes from trees. And it is renewable because the tree regenerates itself, grows back and is replanted.

Not only that but also used paper is recycled: it is sent back to the paper mill to make new paper..

There is a type of paper for every need: more than 500 types of paper. Throughout the day, we use paper constantly - to communicate, to create art and culture and to enjoy them, to study, to cover healthcare and personal hygiene needs, to distribute, store and carry all types of goods…

Consumers value paper highly because of its environmental benefits and usefulness. According to a survey by SigmaDos, the level of consumer satisfaction with Spanish paper products is 7.7 out of 10.

Paper was invented by the Chinese over 2000 years ago. These two millennia of history can be summarised in four stages:

  • For 600 years, China kept its invention secret,
  • It took further 600 years for paper to travel along the Silk Route to reach Europe and
  • Another 600 years until the continuous paper machine was invented, whereupon the current phase commenced.


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