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This fifth Sustainability Report for the Paper Sector covers the period 2015-2017 and provides an update on how the data collected in the previous report, published in 2015, has evolved. The report has been published every three years since 2005, and from 2008 onwards, an annual update of the main disclosures has also been published.
With the first Paper Sustainability Report published in 2005, ASPAPEL started a ground-breaking initiative. No sector had hitherto carried out a similar exercise in transparency: in fact, ASPAPEL’s was the first sectoral sustainability report to be published in Spain.
Starting from the concept of the circular economy, the sector’s commitment to sustainability is based on four main axes: Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), efficient and responsible production processes (PP), leadership in recovery and recycling (LR), and the generation of wealth and contribution to the quality of life (GW). On the basis of these four main axes, information is organised into four chapters on topics that are materially relevant and include aspects that directly or indirectly impact on the sustainable development of the sector. In that way, the report looks at the fundamental issues related to sustainability from the economic, environmental and social points of view.
Information is collected on each topic from companies in the sector and then the aggregate datum is the one included in the report. The nature of this organisation as a sectorial association has the advantage of providing a sector-wide overall view, which - as was see in previous editions - serves as a model and stimulus for individual companies in the sector to publish in turn their own reports with their individual data.

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