The association / Empresas asociadas

Papelera del Oria, S.A.

Address: Ernio Bidea, 8 bis. Zizurkil (Guipuzcoa). P.C.: 20150 Phone: +34 943690200 Fax: +34 943691550 E-mail: Web:
Paper and board
Uncoated kraft paper ORIA BAG _ ORIA KRAFT _ ORIA KRAFT GP From 40 to 170 g/m2

PACKAGING -Uncoated bleached kraft paper with certification FSC/PEFC for packaging Oria Bag, Oria Kraft y Oria Kraft GP designed for shopper bags, sacks, wrapping paper, corrugated, grease resistant paper…colors white and natura (no OBA) and a wide range of applications. Suitable for food contact according to the Recommendation BfR XXXVI. Available for applications with and without wet strength treatment (WS).

Supply in reels

Uncoated offset paper ORIA PRINT _ ORIA BULK From 50 to 250 gsm

PRINTING/WRITING – Uncoated offset-paper with certification FSC/PEFC for printing and writting Oria Print, Oria Bulk (mano 1,5 y 1,65), Oria Smooth, Oria Pharma y Oria Mail for applications of book binding, publishing, diaries, notebooks, scholastic, sticky notes, envelopes, pharmaceutical leaflets. Standard colors: White, Natural, Ivory y Cream.

Supply in reels and pallet block format.