The association / Empresas asociadas

J. Vilaseca, S.A.

Address: Plaza Urquinaona, 6, planta 20. Barcelona (Barcelona). P.C.: 08010 Phone: +34 934120658 Fax: +34 933175284 E-mail: Web:
Paper and board
Graphic papers

Offset paper, preprint paper, white and tinted boards, watermarked and unwatermarked letterhead paper, laid paper, copy paper, embossed and textured paper and board.

Poster paper

Outdoor (billboards), backlit (muppys, bus shelters) and indoor advertising (flame retardant paper) for digital solvent, mild solvent, ecosolvent, latex and UV inks.

Security paper

Papers used for cheque, certificates, visa, vouchers, passports, lotery, tobacco, tax, alcohol tax.

Specialty and Industrial support papers

Thermal base paper, ticket board, map paper, photo album board, wet strength paper and board, enveloppe paper, abrasive and impregnation base paper, antifungal paper and wine labels.