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Celulosa Gallur S.L

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Paper and board
Cardboard Colored cardboard 250gr/m2 to 700gr/m2.

100% recycled multilayer cardboard in different colors. Mainly intended for the manufacturing of folders, cardboard accordions, hanging folders, lined folders, and other handy products from the stationery and office supplies industry.

White cardboard Single-sided 250 gr/m2 to 750gr/m2, two-sided 400gr/m2 to 750gr/m2

Single-sided white cardboard and two-sided white cardboard both multilayer 100% recycled. It is characterized by its smoothness. It is ideally suitable for die cutting and creasing. Its main uses are the manufacture of food packaging, industrial (skin-pack,), back case of boxes, and complexes embossed with polyethylenes, papers, etc. It can be treated to make it suitable for wet products.

Layer Pads 250gr/m2 to 900gr/m2.

100% recycled multilayer card, rigid and flat cardboard with a uniform weight.

Cardboard coils for tubes 250gr/m2 to 800gr/m2.

100% recycled multilayer cardboard, for the manufacture of tubes, cones for the textile industry, cylindrical containers and corner fittings.

Cardboard packaging 250gr/m2 to 800gr/m2.

100% recycled multilayer cardboard ideal for the Packaging industry. Available in smooth and bulky finish, it is used in various applications such as: the manufacture of boxes, cells and interiors, door and pallet cores… It is ideal for manufacturing complexes countersunk with paper, polyethylene and polypropylenes. Can be suitable for wet products.