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Myth and fact

For over two thousand years, paper has innovated to adapt to the changing needs of mankind. Throughout the day, each and every one of us is in constant contact with this natural, renewable and recyclable material. However, its presence is so common that we very often are not even aware of the help and assistance that paper affords us time and again in our daily lives.

In such diverse fields as communications, culture, education, personal hygiene, healthcare, trade and transport of all types of goods... paper is indispensable. If you woke up one morning and it had disappeared from our lives, you would soon see to what extent paper responds to a myriad of needs that would be enormously complicated to cover without it.

Rivers of ink have been written on and about paper, as is only logical bearing in mind its omnipresence in our lives. However, despite such a long life together, paper remains a largely unknown entity for many of us.

Myths about paper have settled firmly in the collective imagination and are repeated without even bothering to compare with the reality of actual data. That is precisely the purpose of this document: to contrast the myths with the data to ascertain what paper is and what it is not.

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