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Spanish Forum of Paper for Recycling is an ASPAPEL project made up of companies from the paper and cardboard collection and recovery sector. It aims to promote a new comprehensive understanding of the paper and cardboard collection and recovery sector’s strategy in Spain. This new integrating vision is built around a Decalogue for new paper and cardboard collection and recovery, which as the founding document contains the broad ideas held by the members of the Spanish Forum about the collection and recovery sector in Spain.

To become a member of the Forum, a three-fold condition has to be met: firstly, be a private company that manages waste from other companies; secondly, have at least one paper and cardboard recovery facility in Spain; and thirdly, abide by the “Decalogue” in all respects. The managing body is the Steering Committee, in which all the companies forming the Spanish Forum take part.


The Spanish Forum of Paper of Recycling operates with transparent and inclusive Performance Standards.

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The Decaloge for a new collection of paper and cardboard defends:

  1. Recovery as the private provision of integrated waste management services, free of cost for society, is the success model that needs to be upheld and enhanced. Private paper and board recovery companies must continue to provide their services to business and individuals and to sort and condition materials arriving from selective collection.
  2. Recovery is an essential part of paper’s recycling chain: it conditions and transforms waste into a raw material that is recycled in paper mills.
  3. As part of the chain, the recovery company’s job is to focus on the needs of its clients in order to produce raw materials of suitable quality for recycling.
  4. Collaborating to promote the current system of municipal waste recovery and co-ordinating with RECIPAP as part of the Integrated Waste Management System guarantee that the paper recycling chain functions. 
  5. Complying with the law and taking a clear stance against non-legalised agents are essential means of defending the credibility and reputation of our collection system, as well as of guaranteeing both efficiency and free competition. 
  6. International free trade of recyclable materials, always in similar environmental and economic conditions, is complementary to prioritising local recycling, as recommended by the social and environmental components of the business.
  7. Developing CSR in the sector is essential to setting a value for the social and environmental components of recovery. 
  8. The sector’s communications must focus on faithfully promoting the interests of the recovery industry within the defined framework and in co-ordination with the other actors in the recycling chain in general and with purchasers of its raw materials in particular. 
  9. The Spanish Frum of Paper for Recycling’s priority occupations will be to instigate actions to promote the new model of paper and board recovery and to provide services to its members. 



Companies currently participate in the Forum are:

  • Carpa
  • Castellano Manchega de Limpiezas
  • C.T.C
    Servicios Ambientales
  • DS Smith Recycling
  • E.Niño
  • Gersa
  • Glouser Recuperaciones
  • Martínez Cano
  • Recuperaciones
  • Saica Natur
  • Grupo Viguera

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